If you are a fitness trainer and you are looking for a new, buy more about powerful and stable wireless headset microphone, this is the place for you.

If you are tired of all those microphones that always fall off and because of them, you can’t continue your quality work, it is time for you to buy a new headset microphone. The Shure SM31FH Wireless Headset Microphone is a secure and really comfortable device for all fitness instructors out there. You can adjust it, raise or low the volume of the audio or your voice and you can turn it off or on with the click of a button. It is really easy to use and the wireframe of this product is really steady and comfortable. It has a special connector (TA4F) that makes it compatible with all the Shure devices and you can also use this device in any other job that requires strong, verbal communication.

This wireless microphone is covered with rubber for more comfort and stability for the user. Also, the microphone is designed for the perfect fit, with adjustable settings that will always come in handy. Even if you run, jump or do any kind of extreme exercises, the microphone will remain fixed on your head. You don’t have to worry about if falling down. This is the perfect microphone for both beginners and experienced fitness trainers.  The microphone’s packet includes some interesting windscreens, for you to delete those heavy breathing mouths of air and also it makes you voice sounds more clear, acquired and powerful. If you have a large number of students, this microphone will do the perfect vocal work for you.  The wireless settings of the microphone can connect to any frequencies generated by the transmitter and above that, the microphone will memorize your favourite working channel and it will save it. With other words, this device will automatically start with the most used channel, without any human intervention. Also, if you didn’t choose any channels, he will automatically choose the best one for you, depending on your preferences and typology.

It is important for a fitness trainer that she or he must be heard clearly during the exercise activities.

A wireless microphone is a great way for fitness instructors to improve the performance of their group in 2017 – whether they are doing Aerobics, pregnancy
Yoga, patient Pilates, group training, personal training or more.  One of the most important things about your wireless fitness microphone is that it must be a good and reliable product. The microphone has to be steady, because with all the bouncing and the jumping during a sport activity, it can fell off easily. So the product must be steady and also, it must be water proof so it resists sweating. Another important thing you should take into consideration when buying a fitness microphone is the functionality of the product. It must be easy to use and easy to assemble in the first place. A lot of people do not know much about technology and if the installation process is too hard, they can break the microphone without even knowing.  If you want to buy a wireless microphone for your training lessons, you must be sure that the item has really good quality and of course, powerful batteries. The batteries are an important part in the microphone’s functionality. Be sure to choose the top quality one’s for you product, otherwise the microphone’s life can be quite short. Also, bad quality batteries can affect the microphone’s quality and resonance. The price is an important part too and it can be really high with some products. But don’t lose hope. If you really want to purchase a wireless microphone, you have to really search the market and compare the items and only then you may choose the one for you. Comparing the items is a great way to see the differences between each and every product. Depending on what type of sport you teach, it is very important for the microphone to be easy to wear, without any discomfort. So before buying something, read about this specification of the product and you can also simulate the microphone’s position on your body and then make a decision. The way the microphone will be positioned on your body is a crucial part of buying the right wireless microphone for you and your classes. Be really careful at the brand and the quality of it. Some brands are renowned worldwide for their quality products and services, but some are just cheap, unoriginal copies of that brands that are trying to steal money from the people. So be really careful. Also, think about how practical the product should be and think about how many hours per day you will work with it. Make a pro and a cons list on every item that catches your eye and the one with the more pros will be the winner.

If you do not have any ideas on what wireless microphone you should buy or you just don’t have the time to search for the right one, here are 5 great wireless microphones for you to choose from:

Samson AirLine 77 Headset True Diversity with Fitness Microphone

samson airline 77 fitness microphoneThe Samson AirLine 77 is one of the best reviewed fitness microphones and this product can be a life saver. One of the best things about this product is that it allows you to have full mobility, because the item doesn’t need any cables or belt packs for it to function properly. You just put it on and the wireless will take over from there. Also, the item will be place around the back of the head for a more stable and comfortable functionality and also, for the item to remain unmoved until the end of the training. The item has the AH1 transmitter, which allows the product to work properly up to 14 hours with just one AAA battery. Also, the receiver system has the CR77 True Diversity Core, specially designed to work with the AH1 transmitter. This means that you can adjust the sound level, audio level and the LED RF level from the switch of a button. Also, the wireless microphone will work with the receiver CR77, receiver that will find a clear and ready to use channel for you. Also, this item can hook up and find 3 channels for you to choose from and it has a special feature that will remember the channel you used. So if you find the perfect operating channel, you won’t have to search for it again – the product will automatically connect with your chosen channel. The headset’s microphone is resistant to sweat and it is specially created to enlarge the quality of your voice by limiting the surrounding noises near you. Also, it has a mute and power switch. The product dimensions are 10.5 x 11.2 x 3.8 inches and it weighs 2.7 pounds.

BLX14/SM31 Headworn Wireless System

The BLX14/SM31 Headworn Wireless System is a small and really practical device for all the fitness instructors out there. It is a member of the Headworn family and its price is really ok for its features. This system provides the buyer free mobility with his moves, meaning that the instructor can move freely without any cables or wires that can produce some discomfort. Also, this wireless system comes with a BLX4 receiver, a BLX1 transmitter, SM31 headsets for fitness training, batteries, user guide, clothing clip for a successful and stable position of the microphone and windscreens. It is a really simply system with some reliable features and also, it has a simple setup plan that anybody can follow and successfully install the system. The product has an easy and reliable frequency and you can choose up to 5 channels for your training. And don’t worry! The item has an autosaving feature that will remember all of your selected channels and it will automatically start with the most used channel.  The dimensions of the product are 4 x 13.5 x 12 inches and its weighs 2.8 pounds. Made in The United States of America, this item is an top quality product and it has a lot of configuration for you to enjoy every moment spend with it.

Best Mini Teachers Voice Amplifier

The Mini Teachers Voice Amplifier is a quite small, but yet powerful tool for fitness instructors. Is quite cheap and it is a great way to start if as an instructor you don’t have a lot of people in your team. This amplifier comes with a headset plus a microphone, an MP3 port and cable, a microphone line port and of course, a charging cable. You can wear this microphone almost anywhere, because it has adjustable neck and waist band and also it has a removable clip for the belt. The sound is very loud, clear and is has a special feature that rejects the surrounding sounds, meaning that only your voice will be heard by the people. The rechargeable batteries that come with the whole set can last up to 10 hours of using and a special greed light will indicate when the batteries are fully charged. An negative feature of this item is that it is made from plastic, so you have to be quite careful with the handing of it, because it can broke or damage really quickly. Also, because the product it’s made from plastic, it can be scratched easily. This product dimensions are 4.13 x 3.31 x 1.38 inches and it weighs 1.2 pounds, meaning that is a really handy and small item. Also, this product output is 20 Watts.

Evo True Wireless Fitness System

The Evo True Wireless Fitness System has quite a beautiful design and it’s a waterproof wireless system. This item is really simple to handle and use and it’s a free moving product, meaning that you can move along freely without any cables or wires along your body. The headset is combined with the transmitter and all the circuits and cables (the electric parts) are placed safely behind your ear. Also, the wireless microphone will work with the receiver Scan16, receiver that will find a clear and ready to use channel for you. Also, this item can hook up and find 6 channels for you to choose from and it has a special feature that will remember the channel you used. So if you find the perfect operating channel, you won’t have to search for it again – the product will automatically connect with your chosen channel. The sounds are powerful and clear and the microphone has a special feature that will reject the surrounding noises for your voice to be heard more clearly. This wireless system has its personal charging system, meaning that it doesn’t work on batteries and you will have to charge it on electrical power. It can work up to 4 hours and when its power slows or it almost dead, a red LED will appear. Also, when the item is fully charged, a green LED will let you know that you can start using it again. This item weight is 5 pounds and the packet includes 5 windscreens for free.

Special Projects AQUA 2020 Microphone System 16

Taqua2020he Aqua 2020 Microphone System is a modern, easy to use wireless system that will surely make your fitness instructor job easy. This item is special designed to be used in sports activities and trainings, yoga, water activities or in amusement parks. It is a high quality waterproof system and you can use it almost in any place that water is included. It is a really simple and comfortable system to use and it can be quite handy when it comes to a large group of people. The sounds are clear and your voice will not be interfered with any surrounding noises. This item has a special feature that will reject all the sounds surrounding you and concentrate on your voice only. Also, with the AQUA 808 receiver that will channel the suitable platforms for you and your activities. Also, this product is made from ABS plastic, which means that the item is almost indestructible. But, because is made from plastic, you should be careful with the handing of it because it can be easily scratched. A negative feature of this product is the fact that the headsets with the microphone are not that adjustable and you must wear it on your head, which can be really uncomfortable after a while. Maybe the best feature about this item is the fact that even the interior circuits and electronic parts have special waterproof coating, for a 100% quality and practically use of the gadget. The system is really easy to use and it has power LEDs that shows you when to charge it or when it’s fully charged and also the receiver has an on and off button. This product weights 5 pounds.

Those were the 5 simple reviews of 5 reliable and worth buying wireless fitness microphones. Be sure that you read the first part of the article, because those features are really important when you want to buy this kind of microphone. Don’t encourage yourself to buy a cheap and low quality model, because in time you will invest the same amount of money, but with no satisfaction. Also, be sure that the microphone’s features are good enough for you and your type of work. Scan the market before buying anything and also make comparison between the products. Be really careful at the prices, too. Our advice is to buy a quality item, but some of them have only high prices, without any quality. So be really sure before you want to invest in something that is more expensive than usual. Don’t forget to make a pro and a cons list. This way will be easier for you to better see each item’s positive and negative features and the choosing will be simpler. Also, you can search for other reviews of the product and see other points of views. This will surely make you think about a product from different angles and it will really help you choose the right one for you.
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