8. During the term of this medical settlement agreement, the customer will not use the services of other claims processing companies and will allow ACME to process all of the customer`s health insurance claims with the government and commercial companies. 2. ACME provides the customer with a direct fax number through which the customer provides the billing center with complaints and billing information necessary to properly handle the customer`s complaints. As noted in the previous section, medical billing contracts prescribed the billing services you offer to a doctor or doctor`s office (known as a covered unit) and what you expect in return from the doctor`s office/doctor. What for? Simply put, no case is like the other. One of the biggest mistakes people make when launching their billing medical service at home (to save money or whatever they think) is: 9. Either party can terminate this billing medical service contract at any time by giving the other party a written termination without notice (30) days with a statement or reason why a dismissal is desired. 17.

This medical settlement contract binds and benefits the heirs, legatees, successors and addressees of each of the parties. (a) “Medical Billing Business Associate” generally has the same meaning as the term “counterparty” in 45 CFR 160.103 and means in relation to the party to this Agreement [insert counterparty name].