Hi, my name is Paul Woods… welcome to The Best Voice Recorder!

Let me be honest with you for a second.  I have used sound recorder in Windows for as long as I can remember.  Hook up a microphone (or just use the built in mic), hit the big red button, and start talking.  It served me well for the past 10 years.  But my audio recording demands have become… well… more demanding

I needed a device that could help me:

  • Record interviews for the qualitative research project I am working on as part of my Master of Business (Research) degree
  • Record interviews for a podcast that I am producing at work
  • Record voice overs for SCORM compliant learning packages
  • Record events where I am a public speaker so I can post my speeches or lectures online
  • Record my four year old twin girls as they sing their hearts out covering the latest songs from the radio

… and be as portable as possible (ie – can take on a plane in carry on luggage and not really notice it kind of portable)

Whilst I tried to persist using the sound recorder available on my laptop – there were scenarios where it wasn’t practical.  I needed a dedicated digital voice recorder.  After an extensive search I settled on the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder.  It has ticked all the boxes so far, and I know I am only scratching the surface of this beautiful audio recording machine!

So why did I originally set up my  Zoom H4n resource – The Best Voice Recorder?

The hardest part for me was getting started.  There were few resources around which guided you through – step by step – how to use the Zoom H4n in the situations I mentioned above (and plenty of other situations that I didn’t mention).  How should I set the Zoom H4n up for a 1:1 interview?  How should i set the Zoom H4n up for a group around a table?  What about if I wanted to capture voice, as well as the ambient background of a busy street?  What workflow should I use to post process the audio from my Zoom H4n so I can use machine transcription services and get the best accuracy possible?  If I want to record a podcast with some people locally, and others dialing in through Skype, how can I capture the audio on the Zoom H4n?

Lots of questions – not many answers.  So as I learn to overcome those challenges with my Zoom H4n, I will share them with you.

Over time this site has morphed from just a shrine to the Zoom H4n… to a site that explores other portable audio recording devices.  There are too many to choose from, and to help you make an informed decision I am working to produce content like voice recorder reviews, digital voice recorder buyers guides.  Ultimately to help you make the right choice!


Paul W